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About us

CanWay Cabling is a full service Low voltage cabling contractor based in Calgary but serving all of Alberta. We are known for our data, voice and structured cabling. We have been in business since march of 2009. We use only the finest cables. We do both commecial and residential cabling. Whether you need one or hundreds of cables run we can do it. We will set-up your network from front to back.

Our Services

For all cable drops we can terminate them at both ends in whatever manner you require, test for continuity and through put, install switches, install patch panels, install routers, label at both ends. We do both residential and commercial cabling. We are able to set-up and test your entire network. We work fast and our prices are more than reasonable. Prices vary depending on the type of cable, materials you require and the degree of difficulty running the cable.


For most residential jobs your service provider will usually supply installation of cable as needed for free. if however you have a business like a restaurant or bar that requires a lot of cable run you will likely be charged. In this case give us a call as we can usually be there sooner and do the job for less.

CanWay Cabling - Cat5e Cabling

Cat 5e (Cat 5 enhanced) is currently the most commonly used in new installations. It’s designed to greatly reduce crosstalk with a speed of 1Gb/s at 100 MHz

Canway Cabling - Cat6 Cabling

Cat6 is where its at. Though not as widely used as Cat5e currently it is the up and comer. Cat6 offers a far superior transfer rate of 5Gb/s. Install this now and you won't have to redo your cabling for a long time

CanWay Cabling - Voice cabling

With new advances in cabling the old style of cable has been replaced by the same type of 4 pair cabling as what is used for data. Whether you have 1 or multiple lines we can outfit your home or business.

CanWay Cabling - Voice cabling
Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic cable is by far the fastest cable out there. Information travels as a beam of light at the speed of light. It is used for long distance connectons usually. As it grows in use and popularity it is becoming cheaper. These days even homes have fiber optic cable run to them.

Canway Cabling - Cat6 Cabling
Security and Surveillance

Loss prevention efforts can make a serious difference when you're looking at your bottom line. Security and surveillance are not just for businesses though. These days more and more people are wiring in cameras and alarms in their homes. Give us a call for a quote.

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